Bringing recipes and values from the past, to create a healthier future.

For nearly a quarter of a century Derlea Brand Foods has been providing consumers and suppliers with fresh, authentic Garlic, Ginger and Sun Dried Tomato products in convenient formats. From the very beginning, Derlea has been synonymous with high quality and authentic flavour, and remains a market leader to this day.

It all began in 1984 when Salvatore Geraci and his wife Mary decided to share his mother’s old Sicilian secret family recipe – a recipe for Garlic Spread that had been handed down for generations. They knew that flavour relies on freshness, and that only the freshest ingredients would be suitable for their garlic spread, and for the people enjoying it. Reaction to the Garlic Spread was so strong, that Sal brought it around to a few local restaurants to try with their customers. Soon afterwards it became apparent that his Garlic Spread was truly a hit.

From its humble beginnings in Markham, Ontario as a husband and wife team, Derlea now owns and operates a manufacturing facility in Durham, Ontario with over 50 employees.

Over the years Derlea has expanded its product offering to include other fine Garlic, Ginger, Chipotle and Sun Dried Tomato products, all while developing innovative creations to bring to the marketplace, and your dinner table. Whether you are dining at your favourite restaurant, or enjoying a family meal at your local eatery, chances are that Derlea’s ingredients are being used to prepare your favourite dish.
The Geraci family also wanted to be sure they could bring the same high quality products to the home, making them available in supermarkets, gourmet and speciality shops. Derlea products can be found in the fresh produce, grocery and dairy sections of your favourite store – just ask your store manager where he keeps Derlea.

Derlea’s business will always be true to our roots – only fresh, authentic ingredients will be used in every jar. We never compromise, so only top quality Garlic, Ginger, Jalapeños, Onions, Herbs, Spices, and Ripe Roma Tomatoes are purchased and used.
The Geraci family’s mission is to be the number one quality provider of fresh Garlic, Ginger and Sun Dried Tomato products in the North American retail, food service and industrial sectors. We look foward to sharing our products with your family.